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Elevation Duo

With the combination of male and female vocals working together in perfect harmony, beautiful acoustic guitar and later in the night, high quality band backings... Elevation duo covers every style and mood perfectly, in a compact and affordable package. 

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Reception Duo

Elevation duo covers everything from acoustic music with beautiful vocal harmonies for early in the night, to pumping dance floor tunes to keep the party going all night. Having both male and female vocals combined with DJing and band backings, the 'Reception Duo' package covers a huge range of songs and styles perfectly. When there is something for everyone, then no one can resist hitting the dance floor. 
You can also select special songs for each formality through the night, and Rob and Nicole will also learn a special song of your choice for your first dance. 

+ Canapes Acoustic

Available as solo or duo, we can add some extra acoustic music here as well for a highly discounted rate. 
Imagine watching the sun go down with a glass of sparkling, tapping your toes to beautiful acoustic tunes floating through the air... just to set the perfect mood before the main event. 

+ Ceremony Music

What better way to truly express the magic of your union, than with the perfect song as you turn around and see your love walk down the aisle, the moment you lock lips, and the moment that you walk hand in hand past your family and friends as the new wedded couple?
With the added ceremony option you can choose special songs for your walk down the aisle, singing of the register and leaving, as well as some acoustic music before and after your ceremony. Combine Reception music with Ceremony and Canapes options to create an 'all day' music package.

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