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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Choose Which Songs You Play?

Absolutely. We have a huge set list covering many different styles. Before your day we encourage you to highlight from our song list, all the songs that you do or don't want us to play. Please also send through all other requests that you and your guests have, either we'll be able to perform them for you, or we can program them into our break music playlists.

Do You Play music on your breaks?

Absolutely, we have play lists programmed specifically for each part of the night, from dinner music to dance playlists so that the energy on the dance floor can stay up during band breaks.

What If My Ceremony Location Has No Power?

No problem at all! If you're picturesque wedding ceremony location doesn't have mains power, we can still provide premium sound using our battery powered Bose PA.

What Are 'Band Backing Tracks'?

When we want a little bit more than just straight DJing in the solo and duo packages, we will get the party started using backing tracks. These are tracks we play that sound exactly like the original songs but that have the vocals and guitar removed, which we then perform live. So we sound exactly like a band is playing behind us with our live vocals over the top, allowing us to amp up the crowd and get everyone having a great time!

How Long Is The Band Call Time For A Reception?

Our reception bookings cover a 5 hour period, from the time the band has to be set up, to when we finish. So for instance 5pm till 10pm, or 6pm till 11pm. 
We can certainly do those couple of encore songs at the end of the night but beyond that, we can add extra sets or over time for $55 per player per 45 min set, or per hour of call time.

Do The Ceremony And Canapes Add-ons Fall Within The Band Call Time?

No, these add-ons are in addition to the 5 hour band call time.

Frequency Asked Questions: FAQ
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