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Terms & Conditions

What Are Your Booking Terms?

You can lock us in with a 25% non refundable booking fee. Once we receive your booking fee, we can safely lock off the date for you and decline all other offers for your date.

Are Your Booking Fees Refundable?

Our booking fees are non refundable due to a change of mind or circumstance on your part, because once we lock off a date for you we have likely been declining many other offers for the same date. 

What Are Your Contract Terms?

Our terms are pretty simple... once we've locked in date for you with a booking fee, short of something extreme happening like an accident or family emergency, we will be at your wedding no matter what!
In the case that some extreme event, accident or circumstance happens that absolutely prevents us from performing, we will help you find a suitable replacement band or musician. Luckily this has never happened, and we fully expect that it never will!
If there is a change of mind or circumstance on your part, then as per our booking fee conditions, you will forfeit your booking fee. 

By paying your booking fee, you agree to the above terms and conditions. 

How Do You Accept Payment

We accept payment by bank transfer, and our bank details are included on our invoices.

Special Conditions Regarding Covid

In 2020, 2021, 2022 we have made the following exceptions for Covid related postponements and changes.

-  In the case of your booking falling under heavy Covid restrictions, such as lockdowns or no dancing in Queensland (1) and that these restrictions are in effect or have been announced that they will be in effect on your event date, that make it impossible for your wedding to go ahead or for us to create a fun live music experience, we are happy to move your deposit to another date with no extra charge, excluding price changes due to change of circumstance, including but not limited to; general yearly price increases, change of location or peak season vs non peak season prices.

1 - We can only operate under the regulations of the state in which we book your wedding in. If weddings and events are otherwise able to go ahead in QLD , but you have interstate guests that, should they not be able to attend to due regulations in their state or border closures, and that is cause for you to want to cancel or postpone your booking due to their non attendance... then it would fall under a change of circumstance on your part and would result in forfeiting your 25% booking fee for that date.


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